Sunday, August 23, 2009

RIP Michelle

I do not have many local friends, so i make up for that in online friends. I lost one of these dear friends on Friday. Michelle Shoemaker-Kain was a 30 year old mom of three beautiful girls. She was a wonderful person, who truly cared about others. I have known her online since around January of 2004. We met on an AOL message board for moms due in September 2004. I became very close to many of the ladies on the message board, and am still in touch with most of these. We have all suffered a great loss in Michelle. She was such a happy person. Always there with a hug to lift our spirits, and always in good spirits herself, even when her own life was rough. She lived her life for her family, they were always number one to her. You can read more about her death here. Rest in peace Michelle, you will be greatly missed.

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