Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Think about it!

I found out that the boy who died in the car wreck Friday night was drunk, and high on pills. I don't understand why people do this, knowing the possible outcome. Such a waste of life. Their own, as well as everyone else on the road they put at risk. I made a tag for the occasion, to post here. Think before you do something people. Think about that innocent baby in his carseat, about that mother of three driving home, or that father to be on a business trip. It is not just your life you destroy when you drink and drive.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Show off blog

Ok so I have decided to make this blog a place to show off my PSP work. I am not a scrapper, but I
do love making tags. So I will share them here.
The one to the left was made from a tutorial using the work of Popeye Wong. It is actually animated, but not showing up. I may have used the wrong one. The Toil girls tag, I made all on my own, and I actually won a prize in a contest in a group I am in. I was shocked, especially since Les actually judged the contest. I love his work, and one day I will be a Toil girl! The pink tag is the art work of Keith Garvey, I can't remember if it was a tut or not! All three of these artists have amazing work! I am honored they allow us taggers to use their work. That is important to me, since I strive to be fully copyright compliant. Well, I will share more later. Night all!

Sad news

First off, I will admit, I suck at blogging! Never was too good at journaling! I got some terribly sad news last night, my friend's son died in a car wreck Friday night. He was so young, in his early 20's. I wish there was something I could do or say to help, but I know there isn't. I don't know many details yet, other than he was on his way home. He was such a sweet guy. Granted, I haven't seen him in several years, being in Germany, but when I was around him, he was always nice to everyone. RIP Chad.