Monday, September 29, 2008

Show off blog

Ok so I have decided to make this blog a place to show off my PSP work. I am not a scrapper, but I
do love making tags. So I will share them here.
The one to the left was made from a tutorial using the work of Popeye Wong. It is actually animated, but not showing up. I may have used the wrong one. The Toil girls tag, I made all on my own, and I actually won a prize in a contest in a group I am in. I was shocked, especially since Les actually judged the contest. I love his work, and one day I will be a Toil girl! The pink tag is the art work of Keith Garvey, I can't remember if it was a tut or not! All three of these artists have amazing work! I am honored they allow us taggers to use their work. That is important to me, since I strive to be fully copyright compliant. Well, I will share more later. Night all!

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